Spontaneous evening night out. Found out the Roots and Antibalas were playing a FREE concert by Freedom Tower/WTC right by a Westfield Mall/Shopping Centre. I immediately felt a little homesick as I have only known Westfield’s from Australia, and as I could see yesterday they obviously follow a standard plan when building because I could … More BUT IT’S SO HOT


I love food and I love cooking. I am sucker for healthy foods and junk. Give me a good meal and I am happy for the rest of the day. Feed me a bad meal and I turn into the wicked witch of the west. I pretty much think of food all the time, including … More DOMESTICATED


Maysa recently was asked to shoot for a friend of mine, Gabriele Baldotto for his portfolio, in Brooklyn. He worked with a mix of natural light and studio lighting, and as to be expected Maysa had fun. She has always been a photogenic child and as she gets older she seems to be more and more keen … More NYC PHOTOSHOOT


Although we can’t vote, Maysa and I have been trying to be active in the Presidential race for 2016. We are both very big fans of Bernie Sanders and the policies he is proposing to use if he becomes President and I believe he really wants to help the right people. Witnessing first hand how … More FEEL THE BERN