We definitely don’t live the 9-5 to life. Alarms aren’t used unless needed. I believe there is no right or wrong way to live your life. You must live it the way it works for you and your family if you have one. My choice to school Maysa at home is partly based on the current schooling system which I feel is too structured. Homeschooling allows me to control what, how and when she is taught,  while also being able to focus on her talents and skills. She has her social life with friends around the world which I think is very important.

We have been using and Spectrum text books as our core/primary curriculum as well as being productive on the online homeschooling forums/blogs. Travelling is also a part of her schooling. Never ending museums, art galleries, libraries, parks and much more. There is always something to learn rich in culture. Being street-smart is definitely part of my overall teaching plan. I think being able to function in everyday society is not taught enough in schools and children struggle when they suddenly get thrown out in the big bad world when they become “adults” I didn’t even know how to file for tax properly until I was 20!

It isn’t a competition. I am not trying to win some award or prove a point that I can multitask as a mother and a businesswoman. It can be fucking hard. Seriously. And sometimes I wonder why I don’t just go get a 9-5 job, and do it that way. But in the end I enjoy my life so much, it is worth the hard work that goes into it. Maysa has developed, and continues to – into a helpful, smart, loving and caring child and to me that reminds me that I must be on the right path with things. I have a career that I enjoy immensely and allows me the freedom of being able to be a full-time teacher and work in an industry that I love.

I also believe in setting her up mentally, physically and emotionally for the realities of life now, and ahead when she is living in the adult world. I have a motto of Happy Mama, Happy everyone else. Being a single mama for so long, it is important to remember to have time for myself. If I am okay, sane, content, and happy then the rest falls into place. I can maintain a sound environment and I am a better person for everyone.

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