Although we can’t vote, Maysa and I have been trying to be active in the Presidential race for 2016. We are both very big fans of Bernie Sanders and the policies he is proposing to use if he becomes President and I believe he really wants to help the right people.

Witnessing first hand how the Health, Education and Working rights system is structured, America definitely needs a change for the better. People just seriously can’t survive on $7 an hour.

We were lucky enough to attend a few Bernie rallys even if it meant standing in the cold! Maysa enjoyed being able to yell. Getting her to be interested in the debate was another thing though, perhaps when she is older :)She sure is good at it herself.

She told me the other day she wants to be President of Australia when she is older and she will make sure the #1 rule will be that you can have cats anywhere, school or work. Cats are allowed…I said she would surely have Gigi’s vote.

And yes the writing on the wall is totally legal, it was set up for the rally and supporters were encouraged to write their love.

Fingers crossed Bernie wins New York and even the whole race. I really think it will be a great thing to happen to the USA


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