As you will learn, I hate (and I don’t use this word often) and I mean hate the cold. I am just not a cold person. It unmotivates me, gives me some sort of degree of depression. It physically hurts my nose and fingers no matter how many items of clothing I am wearing. So I just grit my teeth and wait for summer (Well actually I try and chase the summer – so  I just travel to a place that is in their summer season or is always warm like Mexico) I did do 2 months of winter this year in NYC though, I think so I appreciate the summer days more.

People who don’t get cold or who enjoy winters – please understand – we are not from the same planet. Do not try and tell me “it isn’t that bad/cold” or that “I need to wear more clothes” I have tried to explain scientific reasons that I have spent countless hours researching about that some humans feel the cold more than others. Something about our cold antennas being 1-2mm longer (trying to explain like I am 5) – you are not going to change my mind, I am cold, my nose is red and runny and I want to me miserable. It is normally these people who think 3 degrees celsius is a beautiful day. We can argue until the cows come home. That is f***ing cold.

Sooooo….finally summer is here in NYC. And I will be here for the next 2-3 months at least. And what a way to start celebrating. Water has been added to the equation of stooping which means fun. We spent the weekend BBQing and watching the kids playing in the sun. I won’t even complain about the mosquitoes. And yes I have the AC on right now already. I am also not a fan of being a slimy sweaty sludge 🙂

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