Yesterday was the photoshoot for the new season of FRENCHIE YORK. Long fun tiring day.

Camilo was the sweetheart who shot for me (perks of dating a talented photographer) with Gabriele in tow to help him. Makeup artist cancelled on me night before – and I thought trying to find a replacement MUA on Memorial Day would be a nightmare. Lucky for me, the first one I tried was free. Yipee! and she is one of my favs so I was happy to have her on the shoot. That seriously could have been a disaster.

Maysa was a trooper.Helped out heaps even though it was a early start for us (I say for us – we have different hours to most) We had 1 hour to set everything up, steam, etc. But everything worked out really well and was a super fun day.

Can’t wait to release the new season. I was really happy how it turned it.

We used two models as I couldn’t decide between the two of them and it worked out well as certain dresses only suited one and wouldn’t of looked good on the other.


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