Regret, wasting your life away. Suddenly you are 95 and on your death bed.

Okay so I may have stole these lyrics from one of my all time favourite under rated song “SALTWATER” by Julian Lennon (yep – John Lennon’s forgotten son)

I listen to this song all time, many years now. There is something about his lyrics that hit a note with how proud of ourselves we are, but really should we be? Are we doing enough to help? Do we take advantage living in this beautiful world?

The lyric “What will I think of me the day that I die” hits me everytime. I often think about regretting things, or should I say regretting NOT doing things. When I am stuck in a situation, I ask myself – If I was dying on my bed right now what would I look back into my life and change. What I would regret? And I try and make those changes now.

I use this on my relationships, friendships, decisions with work and life. Parenting. Day to day decisions. Sometimes I just do it to remind myself to embrace the moment and appreciate being alive despite what hardship is going on.

Life is hard. Noone can tell you how hard until you are hold enough to realize you miss being a child with no obligations or real responsibilities. But we are very lucky to be alive. And if you are able to read this then you are in the very very lucky group because you have working Wifi. A luxury that opens the world to never ending opportunities.

I listen to this song and think about Yoko Ono. I have spent some time recently learning some information about her that makes me view her in a different (negative light) on how she treated Julian Lennon before and after the death of John. I will leave it up to you to research it and make your own judgements (yes feel free to judge:)) but I think I wonder if she, when on her death bed, will she think of ways she treated people and how she will be remembered because of that. And also how John treated Julian as well.

Keep that lyric in mind when you are going about life. Do things you will look back on and be proud of. Make the decisions that feel right within your self and you won’t look back and regret making them. yes life is full of crosspaths and forks. And we will make good and bad choices.

Just don’t hold back doing things because you are afraid. Feel the fear and do it anyway. And don’t waste you time with surroundings (work, lovers, friends) who don’t bring out the best in you (this does not count for your own children haha they will bring out the worst in you many times over )


Julian Lennon – Saltwater – YouTube




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