Spontaneous evening night out. Found out the Roots and Antibalas were playing a FREE concert by Freedom Tower/WTC right by a Westfield Mall/Shopping Centre. I immediately felt a little homesick as I have only known Westfield’s from Australia, and as I could see yesterday they obviously follow a standard plan when building because I could of easily just been shopping in Melbourne.


Pizza, Baklava and Ice cream later we were able to watch the sunset by the edge which was really pretty. Maysa was very tired because we had a big night out the previous evening where she got to attend the Broadway show – School of Rock. Camilo took this shot when we were waiting for the food. She was hungry and hot. As you can see below she perked up pretty fast.


We visited the memorial of WTC which was interesting. I was drawn to the South side tower over the North side for some reason. Maysa kept asking where the Empire state building was. NYC can be very big and confusing sometimes.  The fountain was just beautiful. So peaceful. I recommend going at night, there is something surreal about it all. I can’t believe it has taken two years to visit the site.


We showed Maysa the 9/11 footage. Her reaction was that it is “exciting and awful” at the same time. I get it, it does look some action film. To think humans in the war zone cities and countries deal with this pain every week.


Here is our snapchat

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