My charger died and I realized how f***ing lucky I am.

A normal morning like most. I sit down in my office chair/chair in my corner of the apartment, open my laptop and start working away. Suddenly I am met with a beep Mac warning my battery is on reserve. Oops better plug it in!

My charger light isn’t coming on.


Oh no there it is, phew wonder what happened there. I see it slowly start charging up in the battery bar. What a nice feeling.

Off I go again, buring my self in emails and tasks. I look up at the battery, 32%. Nice.

5 minutes later again, I look up again 28%. What!???

Oh no no! The light is off again on my charger. This time for good. Good as a fishing line. I have four phone meetings scheduled for this day. No time to go and pop out to get a new one. Lucky for me I can do my meetings via Skype on my phone. No problems will order next day delivery from Ebay/Amazon.

I watch the battery slowly go down and down until it is on 2%. I can’t bear to watch it die completely so I slam my lid down. The feeling of lost rushes over me immediately. How am I meant to work/function/survive until tomorrow?? And then a feeling of WTF really it is just one day am I serious feeling comes over me.

This lasts a couple hours until I realized I really needed to use the computer to access some documents that hadn’t been backed up on google drive and I had nowhere else to access then.

Brilliant idea of running around my street asking neighbours to borrow their charger. Lucky for me my close neighbour offered to lend me hers for a few hours while she wasn’t using the computer. Life saver.

I have never been so appreciative of a green light in my life. The feeling I got when I plugged it in. I felt like I just received more life in a video game. Every time the battery percentage went up, I felt happiness. This is not normal, right?

Then I realized this:

How lucky I am. As much as I was taken aback by how much I need technology to live (literally it pays my bills) and daunting it is, I am so lucky to have it. I mean I have been somewhat appreciative of it before. But now I was serious.. It has allowed me to do things I didn’t think were possible. Opened me up to a whole world. I can communicate anywhere on the globe in 1 second. I can constantly learn, my daughter can be homeschooled. The fact I even have a computer, A CHARGER! Power to plug it in, water to have by my laptop, food to eat while I am working. All of it. We are super lucky. If you are reading this. You are one of the richest people in the world. Because you have wifi. You have internet. We have the words biggest library at our fingertips.

And do you know what happened? My charger took two days to turn up. I had to live a whole day without power to my laptop. It was like getting a lost puppy back, I wanted to hug it and squeeze it. I love when these things happen and makes you realize what you have. Yes I had two days of work to catch up on. But who cares. I am still privileged with these modern technologies. And sometimes it takes something small or large just to make you wake the F up.

Massive Attack/William DeVaughn to remind you: (NFSW warning)


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